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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Vickey, born and raised in the US, after that I lived a couple of years in Venezuela, but since the situation is very worse and severe, I moved back to the United States. I've been raised in a christian family, married for 17 years (since 2001). I love my hubby and son a lot!

After being on Multiply.com, I opened an account on Gmail in November 2012. Multiply is gone, but there are always new opportunities and one of them is Blogger. It is a very great place, especially that you can design your own themes and backgrounds. I'm using cool backgrounds that you can find on http://nolversthemedesigns.blogspot.com. Her themes are magnificent :)

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Can Trump Screw Up the World’s Best Intelligence Relationship?

TEL AVIV — On Tuesday morning, the heads of Israel’s intelligence community awoke to reports that President Trump had disclosed classified information during his meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov of Russia. By the end of the day, it became clear that the highly sensitive secret material had been acquired and supplied to the Americans by Israeli espionage agencies.

Read more on New York Times.

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