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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Vickey, born and raised in the US, after that I lived a couple of years in Venezuela, but since the situation is very worse and severe, I moved back to the United States. I've been raised in a christian family, married for 17 years (since 2001). I love my hubby and son a lot!

After being on Multiply.com, I opened an account on Gmail in November 2012. Multiply is gone, but there are always new opportunities and one of them is Blogger. It is a very great place, especially that you can design your own themes and backgrounds. I'm using cool backgrounds that you can find on http://nolversthemedesigns.blogspot.com. Her themes are magnificent :)

I'm not often here, but I try to visit your pages once in a while.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Back In The USA

After all the hassle in Venezuela, my husband, my son and I are back in the USA. Lord knows it became extremely hard for us to live under those extreme difficult circumstances. My husband will have an application at the beginning of next month, so pray for us.
We are getting by, day by day, but we are kinda still in shock, but fortunately after the hectic year, we are finally getting peace in our minds.

God is good.