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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Vickey, born and raised in the US, but now living in Venezuela. I've been raised in a christian family, married for 11 years. I love my hubby and son a lot.

After being on Multiply, I opened an account on Gmail in November 2012. Multiply is gone, but there are always new opportunities and one of them is Blogger. It seems like a great place :)

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

America's Racist Policy Against Black People

Even though I don't live in the States anymore, I'm still soo appalled by the brutal police force actions of these days against black people. THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE THERE IN THE UNITED STATES, BECAUSE THE COUNTRY STILL BELONGS TO NATIVE INDIANS and not too Europeans. Claiming it as if you were the original settlers of that continent! God please, wake up and make the evilness stop. I'm soo happy that next year is Obama's last presidential year: no more vicious actions hopefully and no more false complains about President Obama, but America has to keep this in it's mind for sure: all the evil things they have done, it will get eventually on their own plate and it won't be pretty...MARK MY WORDS!!! God's wrath will be upon America very soon!!