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After being on Multiply.com, I opened an account on Gmail in November 2012. Multiply is gone, but there are always new opportunities and one of them is Blogger. It is a very great place, especially that you can design your own themes and backgrounds. I'm using cool backgrounds that you can find on http://nolversthemedesigns.blogspot.com. Her themes are magnificent :)

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

+1 button from Google+ not properly working

Everyone else noticed Google's +1 buttons aren't properly working??? I find this disturbing.


  1. Yes I did. I don't like the glitch either.

  2. Yes Victoria, I did notice it. Extremely annoying!!

  3. I have noticed it. I hope they fix this bug as soon as possible.

  4. I haven't noticed it, I will pay attention to it.

  5. Yes I have. Is there some way to let Google know about this bug?

  6. Yes, I noticed that. A pesky glitch.

  7. has anyone of you contacted google?