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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Venezuelan violence....(again...sigh)

When oh when will the people of Venezuela learn that you will achieve nothing with violence? I'm tired of constantly rolling my eyes of this ignorant behavior. It was in fact time that the somewhat poor majority were getting a better life after so much suffering...How I wished that Hugo was still here in our midst. A couple of neigboring countries (like Suriname) have condemned the violence in Caracas and that's completely justified! Look how peaceful Surinamese people are getting along with each other, at least they have learned to accept each other, regardless of what your status is or whatsoever.

I'm praying hard that this situation won't escalate...if it does, I'm honestly thinking it will be too late to fix it.


  1. Vickey, I know this a small comfort, but do remember we live in the last days according to the bible where the anti-christ has to reveal himself, because of these turbulent times...

  2. Will pray for your country Victoria!

  3. It's horrible when you're country is in a political mess. Praying...

  4. Oh boy...annoying situation. Fortunately God is still there....

  5. They mentioned this on CNN I remember. You bet you will be in my thoughts and prayers!